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Watch our webcast Thursday 31 January 2013 16.00 CET

Rapid-growth markets (RGMs) are moving up the value chain into higher value industries. How will this benefit lower cost RGMs in South East Asia and Africa? And what lessons can be learned from the “maturing” RGM’s?

You are invited to join our webcast on Thursday 31 January 16.00 CET, where we will discuss the findings of our latest forecast report on 25 of the world’s most rapidly-growing markets. This time our distinguished panel will discuss what fast-growing economies can learn from the development-path of “mature” RGMs. The panel will also look into the economies that have not escaped unharmed from the ongoing global economic uncertainty and identify the challenges facing business.

• Is China’s recent slowdown cyclical or structural?
• With inflation remaining stubbornly high, will the central bank of India be able to ease monetary policy?
• What are the prospects for Central and Eastern European Countries as the Eurozone crisis continues to hold back demand?
• Will Brazil be able to address its overvalued exchange rate that is depressing margins in the industrial sector?

We invite you to take part in the discussion by posting your comments to the panel during the webcast.

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